This depends on the situation. If there is a large storm it may take a bit longer to get your roof installed due to so much backlog of roofing jobs, waiting on the insurance adjustor, waiting on the insurance company to finalize the claim, cooperation from the weather, and so on. We can do emergency repairs and work with your insurance company to get your claim moving. The actual roof removal and installation only takes us a few days.

We are a local family owned business that takes pride in their work and enjoys working with local families. You can expect an honest contractor that works hard to satisfy the customer.

After hail storms there are many companies that spring up or temporarily move into the area just to get your business. Ask yourself - will they be around should I have a problem later? What good is a warranty if there is no one around to back it up? Southern Cross Remodeling & Roofing, LLC has lifelong experience roofing, is active in the local community, and will be here to help you. We have a solid reputation and great reviews.

Yes. We do free inspections, will meet with your adjustor, make sure their measurements are correct and they are seeing all the damage, and will continue to work with the insurance company to finalize your claim.

We will gladly help you select the best product for your situations and budget, help you select colors, and provide you with any information you need to make the best decision. Jeff has decades of experience for you to tap into.

Call us at (972) 800-9383 and we will come out and assess the damage and see if you have an insurance claim.

  1. We will help you start the claim process with your insurance company.
  2. We will meet with the insurance adjuster for the roof inspection.
  3. After you get the claim paperwork from the insurance company we can evaluate the scope of work and schedule your job.
  4. We help you select the product, color, and style of roofing.
  5. We finalize the details with the insurance company so you can get any hold back depreciation.