A family-friendly park, Bonnie Wenk Park in McKinney TX has a variety of attractions for families. Located at 2996 Virginia Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75071. This amphitheater, pond, and car park will entertain all ages. This area also has a dedicated splash area, a hiking trail, and a fishing pond. It’s also dog-friendly, so bring Fido along for a stroll!

The first phase of Bonnie Wenk Park was completed on Saturday, and now it’s ready for visitors! The new park features a playground for children, a dog park, two lighted multi-use areas, a fishing pond, and a hiking trail. The dog park and playground are great for families, and kids will love being able to play alongside other children of all ages. Another addition to this park is a skywalk, where you can view the city. The amphitheater can hold up to 500 people. There’s also a large parking lot for your canine. Find another place to visit here.

A 216-acre park complex is home to several playgrounds, including an all-ability playground. There are also two restrooms and multiple parking lots to ensure that families can get to the park quickly. The park is also bordered by a natural area, which makes it the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. The entire park is free to use and is open to all ages. The McKinney Parks and Recreation Department is continually adding new amenities to the park.

The second phase of Bonnie Wenk Park is now complete! This park is a wonderful place for children and their families to spend time. The 108-acre park includes picnic shelters with electrical outlets, sand volleyball courts, a concession stand, paddleboats, and a dog-free area. There are three parking lots available for the park, which total 388 spaces. This park also features a dog-free zone, so you can take Fido with you if you want.

The park is located along the greenbelt of Wilson Creek. Read more here. The park is divided into two phases, each of which has its own unique set of attractions. The first phase of the park is composed of approximately 20 acres. The second phase will include an amphitheater, restrooms, benches, and a lake. The project is currently ongoing. In the meantime, the park’s development is expected to take about three years.

This park features a pond, a baseball diamond, a soccer field, and a stadium. The playground features a pond, a soccer field, and a volleyball court. There are two tennis courts and a basketball court. The two areas are connected by a walkway. They are located adjacent to each other, making them convenient for families. There are also many places to sit and rest.