If you’re considering re-roofing your home, it’s a good idea to ask yourself whether a re-roof is better for you. Check out this company. This article is for single-shingle overlays, and isn’t applicable for other types of roofs. You can save money on materials and labor by re-roofing your roof instead of replacing it.

re-roofing only applicable if you have a single shingle overlay

While adding a second layer of shingles to your roof may look appealing, it’s not the best solution for every situation. High winds, falling branches, and general wear and tear will add weight to your roof. Additionally, adding an additional layer of shingles is not advisable if you’re already facing a leaky roof. Therefore, homeowners should ask themselves specific questions before adding another layer of shingles to their roof.

If your existing roof is still in good shape, you can try re-roofing. Whether it is an asphalt shingle roof or a metal one, you’ll have to take care of the underlayment first. Asphalt shingles are easier to replace than metal ones, and are less expensive than their metal counterparts. However, metal roofs will require special care and cost more. Nevertheless, they have a higher energy efficiency than asphalt shingles, and they’ll last longer. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are more susceptible to falling debris and wind damage.

Re-roofing is also known as an overlay. This involves installing a new layer of shingles over the existing one, without tearing off the old one. This method can only be used on roofs with two shingle layers. Once the new layer of shingles is in place, new hips and ridges must be installed. The new shingles will require longer nails. The metal flashing must also be replaced.

Another reason to re-roof is to update the look of your roof. If you’ve recently purchased a new home, you can opt to have your roof re-roofed to match the new design. This will give the roof depth and a three-dimensional look. It’s also a cost-effective way to replace your roof without having to tear it off.

Whether or not re-roofing is right for you depends on your situation. If you’ve only a single shingle overlay, then you should go for the latter. It may save you quit a bit of money. and will involve less work. It will also prevent you from installing ice and water leak barriers properly. Once you’ve decided on reroofing, you’ll be glad you did. Next article here.