Whitesboro is located in the Grayson County region, which contains over 50 miles of hiking trails and natural wildlife sanctuaries. The town features a variety of historical buildings, including several historic churches, from which you can tour.

Landscapes and Safety
Whitesboro’s crime rate is relatively low compared to the rest of Texas. According to the latest statistics, Whitesboro had a violent crime rate of 15.2 out of the average national scale of 22.7 in 2018.

There are many parks and green spaces where citizens can relax and enjoy nature. These places include Charles Whitecotton Park, the Twin Oaks Pond, and the Confederate States, Memorial Park. All three offer great recreational facilities for everyone.

High-Quality Facilities
Whitesboro has several hospitals and medical centers, including the Whitesboro Family Medical Clinic, the Whitesboro Health, and Rehabilitation Center, and the Texoma Wellness Center. Residents can visit these facilities if they need medical attention. In addition, residents can take advantage of various recreational activities at one of the area’s local fitness centers.

The school system in Whitesboro is ranked among the top schools in Texas. Students here have access to a wide variety of courses, ranging from music classes to foreign languages, and even electives like tennis and fencing. There are many extracurricular activities that students can participate in, such as sports teams, clubs, and organizations.

Shopping centers
Whitesboro is home to several shopping centers including the Westwood Village Shopping Center, the Butterfield Stage Stop Antique Emporium and. These shopping centers offer residents and visitors many options in restaurants, stores, and services. See what is happening!

There are many restaurants in Whitesboro for guests to choose from. Guests can find anything from seafood to Mexican food, steak houses, and even bakeries!

Places to visit
Whitesboro offers many places to visit such as the Aubrey Oaks Alpacas. Ranches, the Longhorn Ranch State General Store, among others. Each place provides a unique experience for guests to enjoy.

The town of Whitesboro is home to many things to do such as playing golf, fishing, taking a hike, going out for a bike ride, and enjoying a nice day at the park. There’s something for everyone here!

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit Whitesboro. From its scenic beauty to being home to some of the country’s top colleges, Whitesboro has something for everyone. Keep going!