Sherman is a city located in Grayson County, Texas. In a 2022 census, the population of the city is estimated at 44,669. According to recent population reviews, the population of Sherman has a 1.16% annual growth rate.

Where to Grab a Meal
Sherman is known for its fine dining and delicious food. There are several restaurants such as the Old Iron Post and City Limits where you can get everything from burgers and sandwiches to authentic Mexican and Italian fare. Whether you’re looking for a quiet night at home or want to let loose and enjoy yourself, you won’t go wrong no matter what you decide.

Crime Rate
The small-town feel of Sherman makes everyone feel welcome. Next town to see. Everyone knows each other and neighbors often stop to say hi. People love the friendly atmosphere and the laid-back lifestyle. This has made it easier to maintain a reasonable crime rate. From recent research, Sherman is safer than most U.S cities by 15%.

Rich History
Sidney Sherman is famous for their work on the Buffalo Bayou, Colorado Railroad, and Brazos Valley Railway, which was the very first railroad in Texas and the original unit of what eventually became the Southern Pacific Company (SP). To learn more about some of the most interesting historical stories about Sherman, you can visit the historical museums located here.

Homes and Hotels
Whether you’re looking to buy a house or for a place to temporarily stay, Sherman has plenty of beautiful homes to choose from. Many people rent long-term while others prefer single-family homes. You can get a nice and clean hotel for as low as $60 per night. Some of the most famous and recommended hotels include; La Quinta Inn and Suites, Quality Suites Sherman, and Lonestar Inn and Suites among others. No matter what kind of home you desire, you’ll find the perfect place in Sherman.

Places to Visit
Sherman has a lot of recreational places to visit from historical museums such as the C.S. Roberts House and Museum to ranches and escape rooms. If you’re an outdoor person and a nature enthusiast, then you’ll love visiting Herman Baker Park, the dam located there is also famous for sledding during the winter period. There’s something for everyone in Sherman.

Sherman, TX is a small town with a lot of facilities available for everyone. Find out more. Whether you’re looking to settle down in a new place or you just want a place to check off your bucket list, this town is a great place to start. It’s rich in history and has a wide coverage of nature, a nice place to get away from the congestion of big cities.