Trenton is one of the cities located within the county of Fannin. Its current population is around 765 people. It is expected to grow at an annual rate of 1.46%. Since the last census in 2020, its population was recorded as being around 743. Next city to learn about.

Social Amenities
The town boasts a population of less than 1000, yet still provides a wide array of amenities. There’s plenty to do here if you’re looking for something different. If you want to enjoy a relaxing day at the lake, head over to South Lake. It offers fishing, boating, swimming, and many other activities. Another great place to visit is the nearby Grayson Hills Winery. Wineries & Vineyards. Here you’ll find some of the finest wine in Texas. Don’t forget to stop by the historic downtown area where you’ll find antique shops, restaurants, galleries, and local businesses.

The scenery
Trenton sits along the banks of the Colorado River, giving you amazing views of the river and surrounding mountains. These images are what make Trenton special. While driving around you’ll notice old buildings from the 1800s mixed with modern homes and condos. The area is filled with natural beauty and provides a calm atmosphere for relaxation. More to learn.

The food
There are many dining options in the area. From fine dining to fast food, there isn’t anything that you won’t love. Check out some of the local favorites like Leonard Cafeteria, Kwik Chek, and the freshly homemade tacos from local favorite Tex Florentina’s Mex Restaurant among others. For fine dining try the El Sombrero Restaurant, Sonic Drive-In, or the newly opened Red Fish Grill. If you’re craving sushi, check out The Red Feather.

The events
Each year Trenton hosts several festivals. One of the biggest is the River Fest held each spring. This event takes place in the summer months and brings in live music, rides, games, food, and fun. In the fall they have their Harvest Festival where locals celebrate the harvest season with a parade, rodeo, carnival rides, and entertainment. Each month something is going on in Trenton. Find out what happens in your city!

The history
Trenton got its after the Trenton, NJ 1881. This was after the Kansas, Missouri, and Texas railroads arrived at a townsite. The townsite was planted by Dr. W.C Holmes also referred to as the Father of Trenton.

The first inhabitants of Trenton were drowned to the fertility of the land as most of them were farmers. The town was previously known as Wild Thicket back in the 1800s. After the arrival of the railroad, the town began to grow and by 1885, several businesses had begun to boom due to the efficient transportation and the establishment of the post office. The town has managed to maintain its size to date as compared to most of its neighboring towns.

Trenton has a subtropical climate making it just perfect to live in as the summer are not too hot and the winters are mildly cold. If you’re looking to move to a family-friendly place with unlimited resources, then Trenton is the place to be.